26 August 2007

Orthodox from Finland visit Yiannitsa (Giannitsa)

Last June/2007, a group of Orthodox from Finland visited Yiannitsa, Macedonia (Makedonia), Greece. They sang religious songs in their own traditional way. Yiannitsa Public Theatre was full of people, since many yiannitsiotes wanted to watch this special event.

Enjoy the videos.

19 August 2007

I recently joined ActionAid, an international anti-poverty agency. I have started sponsoring a child through the agency. This way, I help a poor child and the community of the child.

I have already received a photo of a girl whose sponsor I have become. It is a great feeling. It is a program that people with low income can use to help others in poor ommunities.

You should think seriously about it. http://www.actionaid.gr/

Greek-Turkish relations and Euro coins

Sometime in the future, Turkey will become a member of the European Union. After that, Turkey will have her own Euro coins. Coins of E.U. have one common (E.U.) side and one national side. I am sure that Turkey will use for the design of her euro the portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Will the Greeks agree to have in Greece such a coin and use it for their daily economic transactions?

Greece has used the portrait of Venizelos for her one-euro coin. Will the Turks accept that coin in their economy?

18 August 2007

Elections 2007

Soon, very soon, Greek people will vote once more for a new government.
Caramanlis surprised almost everyone by selecting September 16 for elections.
Are the Greek political parties ready?
Do you believe that Caramanlis had no other solution?
Do you believe that he did it, because he did not want to harm Greek economy?
Anyway, in less than a month Greeks will know the result of 2007 elections.